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So, I've got a date.....

Dark Prince

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I got in touch with this girl I met during the semester on myspace and after talking for a while, I asked her if she wanted to go out on a date and she said yes. We've worked it out to doing dinner and a movie....


Now, I'm not one to be the flirty type since I don't have a clue. We exchanged numbers and everything and I figured that I would wait until the day before or day of later this week to see if we're still good to go.


What I need help with is how I can be the flirty type?

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Teasing is an excellent tool. Don't talk about yourself overly, but do say enough to demonstrate your life and your interests (and how you're interesting). Keep it light and fun. Hold off on your views about abortion and international conspiracies until you're in a little deeper. It's probably understood that there is a basis for physical attraction, here, but you'll want to maximize that as much as you possibly can. Personally speaking, I believe that dinner and a movie are good option for a fifth date as opposed to a first. How can you get to know someone (and, more important, break the all important touch barrier) if you're busy eating or watching a screen?


But you are where you are. what kind of movie is it? Will there be substantial walking involved between activities (walking is an excellent dating choice).

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Well, the place we were going to eat at is right behind the buildings where the theater is and I was thinking about walking it since it's not that far, even though they are long buildings there would be some bit of walking there.


Would you think its a better idea to change things up and maybe choose a different activity?

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Nah, you've already made the plans. You don't want to change your mind and seem wishy-washy. Just do the other things I said, or not, depending on the situation. Just some opinionated advice.

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