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last thing i need right now

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So i woke up this morning and my face is beet red. I guess i am having a reaction to something. My face is red and itchy as all sin...

So last night i used my regular face wash, i used witch hazel toner, i used murads mask and then i put on this medicated stuff from the dr followed by my face cream..

I look like a tomato...

HELP!!!! anyone?!?!?

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Okay firstly do not put anything else on your face other than water just leave it to calm down, it does sound like you've had an allergic reaction to something, I've had these kind of things happen to me before and usually there is only one option of waiting it out, try using a ice cool pack to calm it down, and if your face is swollen and puffy a good trick is to blend cucumber slices with just a little bit of water as cucumber has many healing properties and will instantly de puff your face. If it doesn't go away after 24 hours, try going to your local chemist to see what they can give you or go to your local doctor.

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You used a lot! Thats a good thing, but it can be bad, does this always happen? I seen on some products that you shouldn't mix with other ones (different brands) or something because you can get a bad reaction. That or they just don't want you using anything else, lol. I guess only water right now, maybe wash your face with an aveeno soap free bar to clear up you face of all products. I have this Aveeno lotion that is suppose to sooth redness, but probably not for this reason, I guess as mention just water and let it be!

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