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Ok..ran into ex in a really awkward situation. We were in a crowd of people. She was with her boyfriend and I felt like a deer in headlights. I froze up. I didn't talk to her. Our eyes locked for about 1 - 2 minutes. She didn't wave and I didn't wave or anything. We just sorta stared at each other. It's been months since I have seen her.


Does this screw things up? I've been doing the no contact thing. Any suggestions?

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Well, it doesn't really violate the 'no contact' thing since you didn't really have contact. You just kind of saw each other.


However, the fact that she has a new boyfriend - well... That lessens the possibility of getting back together. I can see what that would be really painful for you as well. But perhaps her seeing you might stir some of the old feelings up for her. Its hard to tell.


I'd keep on doing the no contact thing, but I would also be preparing myself to move on.

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Well I have been moving on. I have been dating other girls and I"m having a ball doing it. But seeing her still evokes memories. We did not end on bad terms...just sorta the way things worked out with timing and circumstances. So back to my original question..did I screw things up for the future?

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