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Need some advice on getting back on my feet ...

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Hi everyone,


I am new to the forum and would appreciate any advice.

I have read some of the postings on here and everyone seems very supportive, real and wise.


So here goes ... (if you do not or cannot read the entire thing, please read below for my actual questions-I appreciate any advice.)


Problems I need to start from the beginning. Get a job, save money, get out of debt and move out of my parents house (to another city).

Background: I am a 24 year old female college graduate (in debt) yet my resume is not the most extensive. I have been out of work for almost two years because I was helping take care of my disabled parents and various family members (mostly post surgery recovery and personal care). And being a caregiver was hard work for me and very emotionally draining. It was so intense that I didn't even realize how long I was doing this (and how much of a toll it had taken on me) until more than a year had passed! I neglected myself for too long. For half a year I became sad, angry, and very unpleasant-depressed. But I kept on with the family duty.


But now that everyone is doing fine, I have some time to myself and have decided to move forward and get out of my funk and move on with MY life. As much as I love my family, I can't be around them anymore, at least until I secure myself as a independent person. I feel I have been out of the "game" so long that I have forgotten how to do things, but that's why I am here for some advice!




1. For someone who has been unemployed for a long time (2years), where is a good place to start?


2. How do temp agencies work? do I need to pay for their service?


3. How do I explain my unemployment in a resume or job interview?


4. Can you offer me your stories of how you got back on your feet? (I know I have to find my own way, and that I will, but I need to get inspired and see the reality of things) ... [stories about moving to another city alone would be very insightful]


may you all be well and thanking you in advance,


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Hey, here is what I think. You are 24 years old so that is still relatively young. Your main focus should be on getting on a good career path rather than worrying on how you will pay off debt. By trying to work two or three dead end or non-progressive jobs at this time just to pay off debt will not pay off in the long run as at your age you should be either studying for or getting an entry level career in the field you plan on pursuing long-term. If you are insisting on work there are many useful internet based websites such as workopolis or monster.ca among many others that allow you to get maximum exposure to the type of work you are looking for. A good way to fill in a 2 year gap on your resume is by stipulating that you were involved in self interest study or that you were outside of the country working. Outside of country references are never checked unless you are using them as a direct experience reference for the position you are applying for. I had a one year gap to fill on my resume when I was younger and in that frame of time I specified: "Took a self-interest course/program in aviation mechanics" I did take such course but it was for a 3 week duration only but on resume I put one year. Thing is with self-interest courses they cannot check the reference and they look pretty good on your resume. Lastly, I would try not to jump to suddenly on your own two feet, what I mean by that is put a good game plan together for yourself and don't just abandon your family, pack a suitcase and leave, get a job placement ready, figure out your place to stay, plan your life a bit, set up a re-payment program for your debt, figure out how your finances will work, prepare a written plan for yourself and then make the move. Good luck!

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Thank you for your response CaptainNapalm... I was thinking of doing the 3 dead end jobs just for a paycheck to pay off debt and possibly save, but when you put it that way ... I have to reconsider. As for the moving on my own, I agree, I definitely need a game plan! I guess it seems so easy to get away from it all, but your right, I want to have a fighting chance when I got it alone.


thank you again,


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Iris-PJ glad I could help. Yes it is definitely very easy to just try to abandon your currant living situation as a form of quick escape but with no or little financial and practical planning this often leads to even more debt and more stress. I say this from experience and my story is much too long to post here but believe me have it all figured out before you make any move and invest in yourself while you're this young education wise because you have your whole life ahead of you (imagine 40years of work ahead) so if you take a few years now and jump into a career that will pay you even 20% more than what you can do right now and you will enjoy the work more then you're debt will be much easier paid off and you will be much happier in life. I wish you all the best!

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