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What to do?!


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my boyfriend and I have been broken up 1 week today....I had to stop by his house to give him something for his Mom. We talked awhile, but since it's only been 1 week, he hasn't had time to really think about things. He doesnt' really know what he wants. We were arguing a lot so we broke up, and now he's just enjoying being single and hanging with friends. He told me today not to rule out any phone calls from him and that last nite he actually got depressed thinking about the whole situation. I just wonder what might be going on with him. He went to hug me and I said " dont do this" but he continued to come toward me and hug me. We kept talking for awhile and when I left again, he hugged me again. I told him I missed him and didn't want to be with anyone else but him and he said he misses me too. I don't know what to think of all this. I dont know if it's commitment issues. When we were together we just hung out, both of us all the time, without friends. I think he misses his friends so he's turning to them.... I told him I might just start moving on and he replied, "OK, its only been 1 week" He hasn't really had time to think.....I went through this before and it took me about 1 month to come crawling back to my ex.... He told me I could call him if I wanted to anytime, and I told him he needed space so I wouldn't be callign him. I just need advice on what to do...or what might be going on with him

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Give him his space. I think all the people that do the break ups go through this. U have to be careful because this only last until they find someone else. They miss having you around. Dont get you hopes up try to move on. He will call only when he misses you, or he is bored, or has nothing better to do. If he cares he will contact you after you go NC.



but its just to soon, a week is not enough time.

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Don't call him or contact him at all. Let him miss you and realize what life is like without you. If he really cares or loves you he will do anything to get you back.


Meanwhile move on with your life. It'll be hard because you miss him so much, but it is better than just being "friends" when you want more.

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I don't think anyone can guess what is going on with him... could be any number of things...


But - what I do know is this...


What a class act you are to recognize that he needed space and you wouldn't be calling him!!!! Good for you girl!!!!


If I could go back in time that is exactly what I would do with my ex... I made all the classic, stupid mistakes with mine...


Give him the gift of missing you... let him realize that he aches for you... let him come crawling back to you.


Be strong - be tough! Come here during those weak moments!


It has only been a week...


peace and love,


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