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I'm in the mood for love!

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What does this mean I wonder? Just today, after years and years and years (maybe 15), I feel as if I am totally in the mood for love! I feel as if tomorrow, with my open heart, I will meet my future wife!


What I'm feeling is that we decide our love fate. If our heart is in the right place and we put it on display, the right person is going to sink right in.


Am I crazy? We'll find out!! I'll update over the next few months!


An FYI. I had my heart BROKEN.. SHATTERED.. 5 years ago. It took 4 years to heal my heart. But I learned from it. Now, for the first time in my life, I feel as if I'm really ready for REAL LOVE... not the love of ownership which I was feeling before. I guess I'm gambling with my heart again, but what choice do I have?


Have you ever felt like this? This is terrific!! Part of this has come about I think because I make a good living and finally have EVERY DEBT paid off. I'm living debt free, not even a car debt. Quite a burden off my shoulders.

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