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So I had to step up.

MD Geist

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Okay these last couple weeks have been very difficult for me since my mother has had a relapse with Cancer for the 3rd time and now she is inable to do certain things at this moment like drive and a few other things at the moment. She will be fine.


But this past couple of weeks I found myself as the father of the house hold just taking care of business and other chores around the house to keep things moving. Taking care of my little brother and his friend gave me the chance to see what it feels like to have children. I felt very exhausted after each day this past week from running the kids around to taking care of my mother.


Now is their something wrong with me or something? I thought I would still be able to stay up on late nights but I find myself being extremely exhausted as of late and completely worn out. This is a totally new experience and does things get better from here out?


Parents I could use your advise.

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Don't discount the fact that you mother is ill and that has an effect on you as well, even if you don't think so, it takes a huge emotionally toll which IS exhausting.


There is nothing wrong with you, and as you get into a routine, it will get better.


It's good to hear that your mom's prognosis is good and I'm sure she is very proud of you stepping up right now... I know I would be proud of my kid for such.

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Hi MD, I went through a similar experience with my father.Any caregiver will tell you,

your feelings and reactions are normal human reactions.The fact that you`ve reached out here is good. Perhaps you could ask some friends or family to help out so you can get a rest or have some time for yourself.You need and deserve it.

The title of your post said it all; you stepped up!

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What you are going through is exactly what parenthood is like. For at least the first 10 - 15 years anyway. Then they tend to not rely on you so much. Parenthood is exhausting! Try working full time on top of it and you pretty much have the life of an adult with children.

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