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Dont know what she's thinking!

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alright everyone - hope ya got ya reading glasses on!!, i met this girl in college a coupla months back an we got on well, anyway a few of us went out on her birthday, all night we got on well and finally on the dance floor we hit it off! about a week later we planned to go out but she blew me off twice, when i asked what was up i get told she was still into her ex of 2 years. So nothin happened after that we avoided each other for a bit.


Bout a month later i had a party where i invited her, however she brought the bf, i realised then i was as jelous as hell but i didnt doanythin about it.

After this we were friends again.


Now in the past coupla weeks things had died down an i decided i was gettin on well with a friend of hers an i asked her to put a good word in for me. The other night though there was 4 of us in the pub, my mate an her mate. Anyway her friend told me she's thinkin about dumpin the bf an that i still had a chance with her an that i had to decide which i liked most.


The night after we wnt out again where she dumped the bf an more or less told him we were gettin it on. So now i got problems with him! an yeah we hit it off again that night.


I just cant help feel its all happenin again - or weather she could be using me to get bak at him. -i really wanna have a go with her but i dont wanna get messed about. If ya got this far thanks 4 listenin!!

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Hi Mark,


I can understand your frustration completely. I don't think she's doing any of this on purpose, but I really don't think she's stable. It seems like she's jumping from rebound to rebound, and if you get involved right now, your risking heartbreak.


My suggestion is to wait until the air clears. If you are truly interested in this girl, then I suggest you wait until she is a bit more self-confident. If she is more sure of her emotions and sure of what she wants, then there is a much greater chance of a successful relationship.


Just my thoughts, hope it helps!


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Im going to agree with the first guy that posted a reply, take you time, if she really likes you than she wont likely be going anywere anytime soon, now if she is going from reboud to rebound (like S.A.M said) then you should know in short order if she really wants to be with you

best of luck

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