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Writting my book of life..


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I have been thinking about this idea alot lately. Every morning I wake up to a blank page in my story of life, what do I want to see written? I enjoy my current life but its definitely not everything I want. I have a pretty damn good relationship with my boyfriend of 4 years; we fight sometimes and he does have his flaws though. But I just can't help but wonder about the millions of different paths I could take and if I'm taking the one that will make me the most happy or the safe path. I only have about 70ish years left on this earth (and that might be pushing my luck since I'm 21, bc 70 makes me 91 years old!) Anyway, its not that long, I mean my 2 decades of life flewww by me so I'm sure those 70ish year will too. I just want to make sure I do everything that I want to do and I'm not sure if I am doing that. I don't really know what the point of this post was but maybe if others have views on this topic, of making your life what you want it to be... maybe you could help me? Give me advise...

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I am not sure that very many people will ever do everything they want to do in life, but I also think that is overrated.


I think the key to feeling you lived a fulfilled life is the happiness and loved shared in your everyday life. How we feel about ourselves, is more important than what we accomplish.


In the end, looking back, doing things, accomplishing things will have it's importance, but how we live, day to day, those everyday pages you write, they will define who you are.


Will you be proud of your character? We you be proud of how you cared for and treated others? Will you be proud of what you stood for?


I could go on and on, but you get the point.


I'm guessing I'm about 2/3 through that journey, I often refer to myself as an eight year old dog. I'm not facing the end of my years, but those years could end suddenly at my age also. When I look back, I see mistakes, I see foolish decision, but I see that I never made a mean spirited decision in my life. And ever rare now and then, I helped someone else, I made a difference in someone's life.


There are many grander accomplishments I have made, but they pale compared to that.


I too describe a person as a book, when one reaches my age, many of the pages are written, many of your are blank. for someone at my age, looking at another my age, I see a book with mostly written pages, there is a defined person and story there, I have to accept their history and pages, as they are unchangeable now in life. But a book with many written pages is interesting, it tells the story of a life.


Make sure when you go through life, you like the person written about i those pages. The story will be grand if it tells the tale of young woman on a journey of growth, self discovery and awareness. It will be a story of fascination if it tells of days of happiness and fulfillment, kindness and caring, joy and the inevitable sorrows of life.


Make it real and nothing else matters ;-)


Enjoy your journey, that is the definition of life and remember, wisdom doesn't always come with age, sometimes age comes alone. Make sure wisdom comes along with you as you go through life.

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