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Time to end the friendship :(

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To understan my dilema I have a couple of previous threads you may have/have not read. ^



It was my friends birthday yesterday and I had got us tickets to go to see a band we liked that were playing the same night. He had a couple of his friends tag along too. He told me "someone?" might be coming that he didn't really want to be there, and that if they said hi to him he would probs just polite and talk back. I thought it was a little weird but whatever its his problem to deal with right?

Anyway we were sat in the bar area before the gig and I asked who else was coming and he mentioned peoples names then he went "and my...... friend, Jenny.." he sounded hesitant when he said this and I already know Jenny was his gf at one point recently so shes either an ex or still his gf? And it was obvious this is the person he said he didnt want to be there, however he was constantly checking his phone etc and then eventually went outside to meet her and bought her over to hang, I also noticed her giving me unfriendly looks we hadnt even spoken, so I went to have a drink on my own. After the band had played I went back to my friend and saw her say by to him but she acted like she deff still liked him, I didnt really pay attention cause I was trying to find my bag lol. Anyway that night it had been aranged that I could stay over my friends ages ago, hed even mentiond it earliar that evening, but he told me he got a text from someone and he was going to go hang out with them, so I basically had to go home. However I had seen Jenny 5 mins before walking away from the direction my friend were headed in , they would have traveled together if they were hanging I'd have thought but lol idk. What made things worse is my friend didnt say thanks for the ticket and he was more obsessed with signing his stupid free gym membership form I had got for him, I stormed off before but felt bad and rang him to sign it quick before he got on the bus. I made him feel guilty so he quickly suggested "hey lets hang out next week" i said "yer maybe, i have lots of work though.." then he was like "oh we can talk bout it on msn" i was just like yer whatever and walked off basically, Havnt spoken to him yet. He blames it on my paranoia but to me he treated me like a tool! I really think its time to cut him out my life, what do you think?


p.s I remember when I ordered the ticket online a couple of days later he randomly asked me if I was going for sure, maybe he found out Jenny was going by that time.

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i read your story and you are playing with fire. have you ever asked him point blank what his deal is with jenny now? i don't think you should have been sleeping with him in the same bed, when he had a gf. that's not good for sooo many reasons. and now, you don't know what's going on either. is he single? if so, why hasn't he asked you out properly yet? and if he isn't single, then why is jenny his 'friend?'


i think you will get very hurt by continuing to associate with this guy, and letting yourself do this kind of stuff with a guy who isn't being up front with you.

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