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but he already has a girlfriend....

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I don't know if anyone remembers when I first started posting on here about 2 months ago when i first split up with my bf? Anyways i'm doin fine now, thanks to everyone who gave advice on here!


New situation now, I went out clubbing last weekend, and I kissed a guy, first person since i split up with my ex. Then I found out he had a girlfriend, he had already taken my number. Through the week he rang me a few times saying he really liked me and wanted to see me. Stupidly I agreed to go out with him today. I know I shouldn't have, because I've ended up really liking him. I told him I didn't want to see him again because it's unfair on his girlfriend, he said it was ok because they were going through a bad patch at the minute anyways - but isnt that unfair on me? Now i'm sitting here constantly thinking about him and wondering why I get mixed up with guys who aren't going to treat me right. He obviously has no intention of splitting up with her. Am I right not to see him again?

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Yes, you would be completely right not to see him again. His excuse to you was he was going through a bad patch with his current g/f so that makes it ok to cheat with you? Thats a pretty sad excuse.


You've got the right idea - he will not treat you right. He would do the same thing to you since he is unapologetic about doing this to his current girlfriend. You deserve better - tell him that. Then tell him not to call you anymore.

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Gemsie, Gemsie, Gemsie,


Girlfriend its 2004 almost and your asking this question. This guy is a loser, I dont care how much of an air he puts on with you, he's a liar, and he's sneaky. What if you and him got together and then all of a sudden start going through a "BAD PATCH" then he'll be lip locking with another Lucie!


Just say no to DOGS.


Leave this man alone, and dont' do this to his lady, she doesnt deserve it, she probably thinks he loves her (only God knows the kind of lies he's telling her) how would you feel if it was your boyfriend doing this to you. Get out now while your heart is still attached. RUN FOR THE HILLS

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