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My parents hate me and i hate them .. help ?


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Hi well my whole life has been the same . From the age 6 my father moved to england for work and after 5 years i came to london with my mom and realized that my dad was an . Then after two years my parents started always arguing and fighting and they always said that is was my fault . i was 12 and i actually became emo ! i used to cut my wrist . I was the youngest . My elder brother wad the favored child in the family . They always loved him and even tho that my brother was a semi orphan ( father died and my mom remarried ) my dad loved him .

Now i am 13 and now i am not emo and even now i get shouted at , sweared at , abused. My brother actually whiled out on my mom and the first thing she did was came in my room and started screaming at me and slaping me saying that i was a mistake . When she said it it ripped my heart out . i actually was going to strangle her that day . As i am typing i am remembering so much but the most horrible thing that i remember is


Christmas 2007 (2008) infront of my family friends my dad said . When you turn 16 your gonna be a brick layer and going to support your 23 year old brother for your life . I don care what you say and how you react you will do as i say .


When he said that i was gonna stab him . every one laughed at me . And from that day i never smiled laughed or done anything lively . whenever i walk in any room my mom swear at me calls me a lazy * and a mistake .

My whole life has been hell and even now i am thinking of jumping out my window



What should i do ? if u dont help me thats fine i dont reline on people any ways



Sakki ( Alex Y )

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I don't know the rules over seas but I seriously call child wellfare or social services and be like help!!!! But yeh, its hard to face a teacher and tell them whats going on. But I agree that be the best thing to do. Maybe if you have evidence? Because your mom can just claim she didn't do anything and your just trying to get attention. So you don't have any other family, grandmas, uncles that you can stay with? I mean all you can do really is go to school, when time comes that you can work well do that. Save up money for a car if thats a necessity to get around, then start saving for an apartment or well yeh, schools free there eh?

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Well, you can't go doing something like that, (stabbing or putting their head through a wall.) Don't let them drive you to that. Talk to a teacher at your school about contacting social services, it's called social services in America but it might be something different in London, child welfare department or something maybe. I know you have one though. Go talk to a teacher, no child should have to deal with abuse.

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