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I don't know?


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Howdy friends... well I'm back.. It's been like 2 week or less since I've posted here... n e ways... This is the situation... I'm attending PCC... right now.. and next week is finals.. which means it's going to be the last time I'm attending this class... which is speech.. well... there is this girl.. i didn't really get to know in class cause at that time i wasn't interested... but like a couple a days ago... I found myself ..starting to like this girl.. cause.. well in speech class you gotta do speeches in front of the class.. that's when I guess I started getting interested in here. when she talked about herself and.. I guess I just clicked.. so.. Now I'm here at "GET GREAT ADVICE THAT CAN MAYBE HELP me in this screwed up SITUATION"---> "ENOTALONE"...

n e ways... I have like one day to see her for the last time... next week... so my question is ... You guys think I should ask her for her # or how should I ask for it???or if It's even appropriate to ask for her # even If I don't even know her?? ahhhhh!!!

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Welcome back goofy. Well I say go for it. After class make shure that you walk out about the same time and start talking about class then say "hey I would like to get to know you better my I have your phone number?" That should work. I hope that this helps.

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If you want the digits and dont want to look like a desperate perv like most college men come off to us College girls then simply do this.


Tell her, hey what are you taking next semester, she'll go into it then say, humm well look, I didnt really get a chance to know you because I was so rapped up in our class, but you seem like a really cool person and I'd like to atleast get to know you a bit, lets exchange numbers and maybe we can be friends.


Then you make the move. This is just what I think is cool.


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