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An Update... Moving on and at peace

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Well hey everyone! I am in a pretty good place right now... Some of you have read my other blogs but I though I would update and put out some thoughts of encouragement.


I am really not sure what is going on with me and the ex. If I had to put money on what happened, I would say that it went from super slow to warp speed- and it scared both of us a little (him more than me). We have talked a few times and hung out once since the split. Everything seems normal, we just dont kiss. It definatly doesnt seem like it is over but I am just taking it day by day. I am still going to date others and if my ex steps up and decides he wants it to be more, he will make it more. I am not going to wait but I am holding on to a little hope.


I also promised to post pics of my new puppy. I have wanted one for so long and now I finally have her. Her name is Scarlet and she is 3.15lbs of cuddly fun.


Remember life is too short to live with regrets... look forward to the good times and remember those you have already had! Live each day to the fullest because we are not promised a tomorrow.

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fw chick


Good to hear that you are in a better place - you sound much more at peace - respect to you.


Take it easy and keep your eyes open hun - and don't wait around too long.


I love the pic of Scarlet - what a cutie - she will keep you occupied! Thanks for sharing it with us.



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