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Help! Virgin in distress!


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Alright. Now that I have your attention, I have a few questions to ask.


1- My girlfriend and I were making out and I started rubbing between her legs where I thought the clit might maybe be (she was wearing clothy sweatpants). So I started rubbing and every once and a while she would kind of jump like I pinched her or something. I'd ask if it hurt and she'd say no, and she said she couldn't explain how it felt. What was it?


2- She said to hold off on me with my hands in her pants (rubbing, fingering, etc.) because of "certain reasons" and she refused to tell me. I think it's because she hasn't shaved and she's embarrassed. Close guess?


3- Any pointers on how to play with her breasts to pleasure her more? I've suckled/licked/kissed/groped and all that but I can't watch her face to tell, and she is being playfully evasive. I tried to pay attention to the nipples in particular, since I assumed they are the most sensitive part.


4- Exactly how can I tell if she orgasms? o_0 Will she moan really loud or what? She was giving me a handjob and started pressing my penis up against between her legs (again I assume it was where her clit was) and started grinding, then after about 10-15 minutes she just kinda slumped over and got really sleepy and said I had wore her out (she also went to "check her phone" in her room right afterward, which took about five minutes). Did she orgasm?


5- I really enjoy satisfying her--the look on her face and the way she sighs just drives me mad. But for the past three times (the only three times, mind you) I have been really hard, getting a handjob or whatever, then I try to pleasure her by the grinding and playing with her breasts, and evidently she gets satisfied, but I'm left hanging really horny with a really sleepy girl. I don't want to just flat out say she needs to do more for me, but I also don't want to keep on getting left hanging and hornier than before. Should I just wait a few more times and see if she catches on (I've been dropping hints about still being horny, and I know her leg notices or should I just balls-up and tell her I need more?


5.5- That being said, any good ideas for avoiding cumming all over her couch during a hand-job if I were to get finished off? We haven't progressed far enough for a BJ, so should I just try to get it all in my boxers then wash them myself at home, or get a napkin, or what?


Please, help me!

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1) A lot of women jump involuntarily like that when you rub the clitoris. It isn't a bad feeling particularly (I have asked that same question before...did it hurt? and the women I have been with always said no it didn't). Might mean a little too much pressure too fast (always start a bit lighter with the pressure and slightly further form the clit than you think she would like)


2) Either what you said, or she is on her period.


3) Looking at her face while you are doing it can be hot. Otherwise she probably just likes the teasing and attention. I think breast stimulation combined with other forms of stim produces the best result anyhow. Wait until you can use it as part of her orgasm to worry about perfecting the boob technique.


4) If you have any doubts she probably didn't. Otherwise I'd hope she would tell you if she did some time afterwards. Assume she hasn't otherwise.


5) Sure, just let her know you want to have an orgasm to feel satisfied. Doesn't matter how that happens (your hand, her mouth or hand, sex if you are at that point, whatever). Most men need that to feel satisfied. Stopping just shy doesn't cut the mustard.


5.5) Towel underneath you both. Then come wherever it lands.

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1. she most likely felt good where you touched so she got excited


2. she probably was on her period.


3. some women feel no pleasure/sensation from their nipples or breasts play. some get a lot of pleasure/sensation. just ask her if it feels good or not.


4. most likely she wont be able to orgams when you are playing with her until lots of practice and comfort is established.


5. masterbate after you guys finish playing

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The only thing with masturbating after we get done is we normally go right up until I have to leave, and it's a twenty minute drive home. And, I kind of want her to be there if she started it. Finishing off with her just seems appealing.

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1. I'm guessing the feeling was just too intense. It sometimes feels uncomfy if the guy is doing it too hard, at the wrong angle, etc.


2. There's a good chance she was on her period. OR she's just not ready to take that step.


3. I, personally, don't get any pleasure from playing with my breasts, so for me it's all about the guy's enjoyment--whatever gets him going. But, some girls are SUPER sensitive there. I think, just keep doing what you're doing.


4. I agree with Cardinal. You'll know if she had an orgasm by her facial expression, moans, heavy breathing, tensing up


5. Talk to her about it. Tell her she can't just leave you "high and dry". When she's playing with you, tell her how great it feels, to keep doing it, etc. Lots of encouragement.

Use a towel.

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