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A Girl I Like

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ok, I gave up on the other girl from my previous posts (she said she didn't want to do anything with me, not even friends). My one friend introduced me to this senior girl (I am a junior) in high school at the beginning of the year and we have become great friends with each other and we talk a lot. Well, one of my friends who is friends with her, found out I like her and told her. People started bugging her about it and stuff and she is very shy with groups of people and she kind of felt like being alone for a while, now she has started talking again. We have a great time together and stuff, and we talk for a long time when we are by ourselves. We talked for an hour after school today and for 4 1/2 hours straight online last night. When we are together and get talking, she smiles a lot of the time and has a good time, and she laughs at the smallest joke I make. She knew about the girl and knows I gave up on her and she had said that she kind of doesn't want a boyfriend right now b/c she is afraid of people bugging her about it again (but she is getting over that). She has told me some secrets that she said she told a few other people and told me she trusted me and stuff like that, and when she is having problems she comes to me for help also. I was wondering if she likes me, maybe even a little bit, and maybe seeing if she wants to do something one of these weekends. We have gone out to eat before when we were doing the play at school and I asked her if she maybe wants to do something and she said "yeah maybe" I would just like some advice or something from anyone please.

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Hm maybe I should ask that girl out.. oh sorry not yours but um, it's just something I have been contiplating(sp?) but um, I think she likes you. even though she doesn't want a boyfriend now because of being bugged about it.. I am kinda like that I worry about what other people think to much and whatnot.. so I'm held back by a lot of things.. but yeah there is a pretty good chance that she likes you seeing how she has told you stuff and you two talk a lot. but then she may consider you just a good friend now.. i dunno..

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One of my friends suggested I maybe get her something small, inexpensive for Christmas, I don't want to startle her or anything (don't think I will) but what do you all think. I was at her house once and she had more small stuffed animals and beanie babies than I have ever seen. Well, what do you all think about that idea?

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