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Should I or should I not?

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Well, my boyfriend broke up with me about two month ago. We slowly broke contact after three weeks afterwards. During the time we've had with no contact, I was able to wake up to reality. I saw that I was a mere shadow of the person I once was. I know strive to gain back everything that I once had (friendships and grades mostly). I'm happy and content waiting for the one day my ex will come back, even if it doens't come...


However, I want to call him back to apollogize for all the thing I did, for ruining our relationship. I'm not taking all the blame, but I do admit to most of them. I also want to tell him that I think of him (and miss him) from time to time and still hope for a day he might want to try again. In ways, I have moved on (at least I feel I do), but I can't stop loving him. Most of all, I miss him as a friend, i miss talking to him lick we use to. He also has been skipping school lately and I'm worried; should I?


At the current moment, he seems quite in a rush to get a girl. I see him ask a different girl three times a week trying to get a number..so I don't know if I should call him or not. I don't plan to beg, I just want to see how his life has gone and share what I feel with him.


Is this a bad thing? I know that having "no contact" with your ex is a must if you want them back...and in truth I do. I want to try again.

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Here is what I would do... I am working on the exact (well almost)...

write him a letter of apology but DO NOT SOUND DESPERATE

just basically apologize, tell him to think about it and that you will be on in your own life and if he wants to discuss it then fine if not than fine...

good luck

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How does this sound?





I guess I have a few things that went unsaid since we last spoke.

First of all, I'd like to thank you. You've given me time to reflect on my life, and really see what kind of a person I've become. I looked back into my yearbook a few days ago and found a entry I had made myself about how wonderful life was...just six months ago. The happiness I wrote of seemed too wonderful to be true, like a story in a novel or a movie would sound. I've realized that I had lost a lot of the things that I onced valued. I once had a close bond with friends, amazing grades, and a love that was starting to bloom.

I want to apologize for all the things I've done. I guess subconsciously I saw those things drift away, and I began to fear losing you. I become a person I was not. I look back and realize you have never done anything purposly to hurt me, while I at times was so fustrarted, so selfish it ended up hurting you. I realize why you broke up with me, you had the right; I wasn't the girl you fell in love with, i had become someone else.

Seeing this, I've starting to rebuild my life and regain all those thing I once had, and I'm happy and content.

However, there are still times I feel that void in me, as if I was not yet whole; and I realize that my heart is still with you. I have to admit there are times that I still miss you here and there, wish thing were different. I do realize though, I don't need you.

I want you back for all the right reasons now. Not for the fear of being alone, not of obession, but purely because of you. I hope for a day that you may give me a chance to earn you love again.

Yet, most of all, I miss you as a friend, I miss our conversations. I didn't only lose a boyfriend, I lost my one of my closest friends. Why don't you give me a call sometime? It would be nice just to talk and catch up with each other's lives.





any suggestions?

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I would tell him that when you both have had enough time to sort things out and have had enough space, lets talk.

Other than that I like it.

Tell him, you would like to start over again as friends first and move slowly back into things if it is possible.

keep me updated. I wrote pretty much the same thing

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