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I'm tired of being his shrink!!!!


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He needs therapy....whatever insecurity is eating at him, he is using to bludgeon you with.




He is the one messing around on you. False accusations are tossed out to make you dance like a fool a throw you off guard. ..covers his tracks because you are soo busy proving yourself to him.

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He seriously needs therapy. You can't fix this, HE needs to fix it. This is all in his mind and he needs to get a grip. You can't live like this, nor should you.


You wouldn't live with a man who everyday got up and said, 'I feel it, i just know it, i'm going to get hit by a blue car today and die...' There is no more basis in reality in that statement than in what he is saying to you every day, and he needs to recognize that and stop the crazy ideation and paranoia.


So you can't fix this, and he needs professional help. I'm sure he is tortured by this as you are, and you are doing him a huge favor by putting your foot down and REQUIRING him to attend therapy before you will consider marrying him. I'm sure they can help him a lot, and it is time to deal with this.

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