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Just give it time???

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Time.... its something I have been thinking of....Everybody says it will take time for me to heal. Just give it time, etc... Now time in itself in my opion will not heal, its the memories you make in the time that does the healing...for example all I have to think about now is my past memories, my memories of what was because that is the closes thing to me but with time you make new memories and they start to overshadow your older ones. Its like your past memories of your ex are a huge oak tree and thats all you have in your front lawn, but you start planting new trees (memories) and soon they will grow strong too and will overshadow the old tree because that tree has stopped growing. It is there and always will be but the shadow of all your other trees (memories) make it easier to deal with because after a while you have a forest not just the single tree. If any of this makes any sense to anybody, Im glad..if not, then I understand, Im not sure it makes sense to me

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