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Why I don't like roomates


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Well as the title says, I've been unfairly treated by my roomate. It all started about 6 months ago when he decided to completely disrespect me through not following things we've agreed upon. Stuff like notwashing what you use. Keeping the place that you use clean. Basically it was all cleanliness stuffs because there has to be a certain level of health in a place, or atleast I thought. Because he didn't clean what he used and all the dishes used ended up in huge piles in the sink it forced me to not be able to use the kitchen any more. I began to live out of my room in my apartment. I conducted every sort of business in my room and it let to my room becoming messing due to the fact.


All the while he isn't paying his bills on time (when he does pay them) and when he doesn't I have to in order to keep the electricity on and to keep up from getting kicked out. Hes paid all that back, but here recently he has incurred an electric bill of 170$ (because he hasnt paid for the past couple of months) and he jetted today without paying and he has had ample time. On top of that the next electric bill will be about 100$ a piece so in the end he will en dup oweing 270$ to the elctric company which will probably funnel over to me. Which really pisses me off. To take the cake, he didnt clean any of his stuff, left all his stuff in the pantry, cabinets and what not, and also stole a few things from me! Albeit they were cords and other various things of minimal value, its the principal that counts.


To avoid me all the numbers he has posted are to his cell phone (which is always off), but I got his other number from the main office and called him. I was proud of myself that I didnt yell at him, but I know what I said didn't get the point accross. Nothing gets the point accross to this kid and I just don't know how and what I should do.


All I can think of now, is driving to his house (which is 3 hours away) and beating the crap outta him.

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It may not be a perfect observation, but I have noticed the people who grew up without siblings tend to be the worst roomates, especially if they came from homes where their mother's always cleaned up after them.


I grew up having to share almost everything I had including space, and I feel it made me more considerate towards those who I had to live with later on.

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