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Sick of the same story and waiting around like a fool!

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Im so tiread of waiting! I know im so stupid to do so and i know all the things i should do to make things better for myself. I have tried these things to a certain extent and then i break all the rules by contacting him, encouraging to get back together. I just have lots patience with the no contact thing and i have lost motivation to do so. He says he is thinking about it and whatever but im just there waiting like a fool. Im so sick and tiread of it being same story. I just wanna be brought out on a date, sent a nice gud nite text, that not much to ask..Im fed up. WHat should i say to him? what should i do?

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If he keeps doing this and not actually dating you, you have to look at what he does and not what he says. If he is still dating other people and not dating you, then he isn't serious about getting back together.


He's either saying this to try to sneak away with less upheaval from you, or else he is keeping you on the back burner in case he decides he doesn't like whomever he is dating now better. Neither of those is a nice thing.


You should be acting as if he isn't coming back. Get out and do things with your friends, and look for opportunities to date other people. Don't just passively wait around for him. He's really not being fair to you keeping you on a string while seeing someone else.

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Thanks. No he isnt seeing anyone now. like he was meeting someone back a bit but that didnt work out it was just a satnite thing i guess. he was single and he was quite entitled to score although i didnt like it. He does have me on a string though....love to turn that around????

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Aw Buttercup - ((((HUGS)))) honey.


I really think that you need to look at things for what they are. He is not with you - he is thinking about it - blah. He isn't with you though is he - as hard as that may seem - if he wanted to be with you he would climb any obstacle to get to you - wouldn't he?? Where is he.


Not only is he not with you, but he is checking out other people. So he does want to date - just not with you. He is keeping you dangling with this "thinking about it" crap. I know you say you cannot do the NC thing but if you carry along this road you will just do your head in - that is for sure.


Isn't it better to get yourself to a point where you are happy that other blokes who are into you are beating your door down to see you - posting romantic notes through your letterbox or leaving them under your windscreen wiper? Don't you deserve that? As long as you hang around here you will just get fed meagre scraps like some eagre little puppy - don't you want more? Have some self respect babe.


I am sorry if I come accross as harsh - I just want you to realise that you can do so much better.



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