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She might be acting different..

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My gf and I have been together a little over 2 years except for a 2 month hiatus last year in which she broke up with me because there were some "things she didn't like." She realized we're good together though and came back. I'm pretty sure those "things" were me being hard on myself about things, being paranoid, etc. I was able to work on myself while were apart, but those things are starting to resurface now I think.


Like tonight we were talking on the phone (and she has been calling later than usual) and I was about to tell her about an idea I have for a story and it sounded as if she didn't believe me that I had something because she knows I procrastinate so I asked her why she sounded like she didn't believe me but she denied sounding like that and said she didn't have "p.m.s."(no I didn't say she had it lol).


Something like this happened a few days ago too where I told her I thought she was sounded defensive(don't remember the issue). I really feel bad about this if I was being paranoid.


Tonight on the phone she said that she was gonna go to bed early so we weren't gonna talk super long.Then, when it was finally time to go she said, "I'm gonna be up for a while because I'm gonna read and because of the tea." I just think something is up and I was like, "Ok.." Then she goes, "You are loved..." which just sounds weird to me and I didn't say anything for a few seconds until I replied and said, "So are you.." Am I being paranoid or what? Do I just need to chill out?

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if you feel like you are playing games, cut it off altogether. and her leaving 6 months ago and coming back has no relevance really. but it sounds like she can fall back on you when time is rough on her in the dating department. that's not fair to you.

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