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this girl i met

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Hey i'll give a breif over view I'm pretty shy but i have been getting over it so I make converation whenever wherever. I met this girl out of school it was a project we had for class and we seemed to get along pretty good. Lots of laughs etc. Now the only thing i worried about is that i'm a senior and she is a fresh. I said hey to her in teh halls back at school and she said hey. I was thinking about inviting her to come to see a movie with a group of people I know. What do you think ??

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She might like you. If you ask her, then you'll know. Short of asking her, talk to her, compliment her, flirt with her and she how she reacts. If she reacts positively, she probably likes you.


Only other word of warning is to understand that the age difference may bother her or someone else, i.e. her parents. A group date like you propose could make them and her happier about being with an older guy.

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If you want her to be just a friend, then be just a friend. She may have other ideas about you, if you ask her out.


If you want more than just friends, move slowly in that direction and let her know you like her. If she is going with you to a movie, my bet is she likes you. Don't come on strong, slow easy: make eye contact, hold it, look away, repeat; compliment her clothes, jewelry, nail polish, whatever, don't gush and tell her she is pretty or beautiful; touch her gently on an arm, shoulder, etc. If she reacts positively, just make a move because she does like you an is telling you that. If she withdraws from your touch in anything but shy or coy manner, slow down and repeat the prior steps.

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