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Quite Annoyed with arguement...

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i have an issue on my mind...


we're having our half-term finals this week, well they're running.


and in class, my best friend (yeah... my ex girlfriend) is sitting infront of me....


well today, (she's not in my grade...) 3 people from my grade were asking questions about history before our history exam, and she went "uhh... you should know all of that, just be quiet" and since those people are in my class, i tend to protect them, so i said "chill!" to my ex..

she then got really irretated, and turned to me, and said "just stop!"


i was a bit mad at her from that point on, so i didn't talk to her, until our last exam for today was about to start, so i go "so how was your last exam?" and she goes "was fine... you still bitchy?" and i thought she was referring to me being angry at her, so i go "no.... - what a question?!" and she goes "uh... what an answer" and turned away again...


then after school, when we were waiting for the bus (we take the same bus) i go... "wanna have peace?" and she goes "No..." so i ask her "why that?" and she tells me "you had a bitch off at me, after i only said 'uhh... 3 hours? [talking about her exam]" i then told her that i told her to 'chill' after having a go at my class mates, and she was like "whatever.." so i told her.. " i just wanna sort things out, and talk about it..." and she didn't reply, so in the bus i talked to my other friends, and when i left i briefly said bye to her..


well even though she means a lot to me, and i still care for her and love her, i am not gonna apologize to her for something i didn't do.

i used to be really insecure, and un-open, that's why we broke up, so i changed, now i'm far more open, and very secure, and when i was insecure, i used to apologize for everything, even if i didn't do anything, just to sort things out...

and i can bet, that she's expecting me to apologize again, but i won't...

but i know, if i ignore her, she will probably also ignore me (very stubborn girl...) but i won't attempt to sort things out unless she makes an attempt to talk to me about it...


right attitude? what should i do?


[swingFox - no swearing!!! ]

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Give her a few days to calm down and then try talking about it again. These things take time. If she's still being snotty then let her be, she's a waste of time and you should try and distance yourself from her.


Oh and never ever apoligize for things you didn't even do wrong. Very very bad move.

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