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Scared of french kissing

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Thois may sound dumb but..I need some help, fast! I am a young girl, and I have no idea how to french kiss! I have mad out with one boy in my life and after he told my friend he needed to teach me how to kiss. Now I am scared to kiss this guy I like. When you are kissing, is it like tongue wrestling or do you go one at a time. Or what?

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hello alohaivi welcome to eNotalone.com, no Your Question is not Dumb, no question worth an answer is dumb, you would be surprised how many people have posted similar questions about kissing in here alohaivi.





Hope that link above helps, *READ THE ARTICLES* trust me it will make you less scared and more confident in kissing, even if you have not done it much.


scroll that page, you keep finding more info...it's really filled with tips and tricks. (learn the Art)

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i would expect it to be perfect. practice makes perfect.. so there really is no way to escape being "unexperienced". just start off by kissing with your mouth closed, and slowly open it wide just in case your boyfriend decides to slip something in your mouth haha. just pretend your licking a lolipop. you guys dont really do different things when kissing.. except one will have their tongue under or over the other's.. just depends. just practice.. and dont be afraid

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