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I dont know what to do about these emails... PLEASE HELP!!!

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Sorry all this is so long but I need some serious help!!!


On Sunday (April 27th) my boyfriend picked me up from the airport, took me to dinner and a movie, and then told me he didn’t feel like he could give me 100% right now that what he really needs is a friend. It’s a little more in depth than that, for starters he acted like he didn’t want to say that or know how to put the words together once he did. I wasn’t sure what to say that night, I was in shock. He told me over and over that the way he feels didn’t have anything to do with me, that he loves being with me and doesn’t want me to leave. It’s the time when I am gone that he thinks about his life and where he is and basically he over thinks things. So I left in tears because his dog Louie, who has become very attached to me and I to him, would not get out of my car because he didn’t understand why he couldn’t come with me. I didn’t know what to say to him, I needed time to think.


On Monday (April 28th) I tried to go to work, but after an hour and a half of spontaneous tears and exhaustion from not sleeping the night before, I asked my boss for a personal day. I went home and took a nap for about an hour and when I woke up I decided it was my turn to talk. I drove to his house with Louie’s Doggie things in toe. I told him that if a friend is what he needs right now then that is what I would be. It would probably be strange in the beginning but I would give it my best shot… he told me that he just didn’t plan on me and that he needs time to figure himself out and maybe after that happens we can revisit us. The conversation went on but you get the gist. After he gave me a hug that day and I left I was determined not to be the one to make first contact.


On Wednesday (April 30th) I got an email from him that he wrote at about 11:30 the night before. This is what it said:

Subject: Hey Chica!

Body: How's life?

I know its vague, but I figured I'd ask... I've been thinging about you and wondering how you're holding up... Life here is same ol... Still working on the house and trying to get the walls up... You know this though. I have your bowl and will get your plate from the half way house this friday, maybe if you're big book doesn't say otherwise, I can swing by this weekend and drop them off... Take care and stay in touch.


(his name)

I didn’t know what to say to this so I just didn’t respond.


On Thursday (May 1st) I checked my email and myspace as usual and he had taken his top friends from 8 to 4 so that I wouldn’t be on there. I was super hurt so I cracked and called him. I was very chipper and all over the place, just being me. I told him that if he wanted to bring my things by he could do it Sunday Evening but I would not be free before that. He kept trying to talk but I kept it very short and sweet. When I hung up I was a mess… I felt so stupid for not being stronger but I had to get going with my day. At that point I was even more determined to go NC.


This morning I went through my usual morning routine and discovered that he had sent me another email at about 11 last night. It said:

Subject: Why is it so…

Body: Why is it that no matter how long your days off are, you always start the weekend slow and relaxed… But as the end nears, It’s as thought you can never get enough done… I can’t even remember last Friday, but I can tell you that I didn’t even come close to what I wanted to accomplish this week… Is it “Normal”, to go through life expecting so much of yourself? If it isn’t, I wish I knew how to expect less… Anyways, just ranting… Good night! Hope your Friday goes great and your weekend is fulfilling!

(his name)


I haven’t responded because I don’t know what to say. I don’t know what this means and the only person that can tell me I cant talk to. I am trying to leave it and give him his space but he is making it hard for me to do that. Any idea what is going on?

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He has friends, I have met them... This is all very strange and uncharted territory for me because we really have become best friends in the time we have dated. It has been killing me not to talk to him, but he said he needed space and time so that is what I am trying to give him. I feel like he is asking for one thing and doing another.

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It's cute and I am enought of a smart ass that I think I could pull it off. The only problem is that I dont want it to be over... I want him to figure out whatever it is that he need to figure out and then give us another shot. But on the same hand, I am a realist- I am not waiting on him, I have acutally agreed to go on a date tonight... I dont know the guy from Adam... and it could be a disaster, but I cant just sit at home and do nothing.

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