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my gfs ex shows up at her door

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alright my gf was telling me that one of her exs has been calling her for 2 years and threatening to do shit and stuff, i keep asking her for his name and shes like i cant give it to u cuz i dun want u involved, today the kid shows up at her house with a 2 page letter with a profession of his love to her, what do u think i should do??

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The main thing is to know weather you trust her or not. I would try to be there for her if she is having a hard time with it, but if she doesn't want you involved you must respect her feelings because it seems to me she is trying to keep this in the past and not make it a future thing either. I know it must be hard for you, but if you trust her let her handle the ex, and if she needs your support be there for her.

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what is there to do?? beat him up for talking to your gf? well, we both know that that would not be the right thing to do. there really is nothing you can do about this. its between your gf & him. are you afraid that she might take him back because he wrote her a letter? well, if she really loves you then she won't. however, if he's threatening her then thats not right & something needs to be done. if she feels threatened by him can't she get like a restraining order against him or something? otherwise, she just needs to tell him to leave her alone. nothing you do or say to this guy is going to make things better, you will just end up getting in the middle of it all. i know you want to protect your gf & thats sweet, but don't go getting yourself in trouble when this issue can be resolved in better ways.

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