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Should I pressure him to marry me?

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Bottom line, my bf and I have been together for 3 1/2 years. We did break up once within that time for a period of 4 months. Last year FEB 2002 he proposed to me. At that time we were living together. I said yes but we both agreed to wait a few years before actually getting married. We ended up taking the 4 month break shortly after that. I gave back the ring, and that was that. Now we are back together it's been about 5 months or so, he moved in with me. I want him to marry me, I feel that we have been together long enough to know whether or not the relationship is worth taking to the next step. Problem is every time I try to bring this up in coversation, he get's quickly annoyed and wants to change the subject. What should I do. I don't want to keep wasting my time it's already been almost 4 years?? Thanks

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I understand that you feel like it has been long enough, and you want to be married, but it sounds like he doesn't feel the same. If you were engaged before and it didn't work, then he is going to be a little more cautious the next time.


If you think this is just "wasting time" to be with him, then you might just be looking to be married, and you aren't really considering how he feels. If you are scared that you will lose him again if you are not married, then maybe you should talk about that with him.


It is not helping anything for him to avoid the issue. Tell him that you need to talk about it, but don't pressure him. You just need to know where you stand.

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