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not too complicated but im not sure how to feel about it.

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I've never thought of it as a problem before, but me and my boyfriend don't really make-out. We are very affectionate, and very touchy on each-other, so our relationship doesn't lack in affection. We are really a perfect couple, our only problem is my being so persistent and our completely different levels of communication, which leads to many fights. That pretty much covers the reasons for all of our fall-outs. However, last night we saw each-other for the first time in three days because we were fighting, and we made up. However, at the end of the night he drove me to my car and parked. He started making out with me and it was pretty obvious he wanted a blow-job, which I have no problem giving him because I love him, but for some reason I was offended. He doesn't usually ask because he says he feels bad, but I told him he could ask me any time he wants. Anyways, when it happened I just started thinking about how we always kiss but we never really make-out unless we are about to get intimate. Is this a problem? It's not me, because i'm always going back for more longer and better kisses from him, but I usually tell him to give me a "good" kiss. When we kiss goodbye or hello it's just regular sweet kisses, but i'm wondering if it's odd, or maybe even a problem that he never tries to make out with me unless we're in a position where we can have sex. He says just making out with me turns him on and makes him horny. But Is it that we only make out when we're going to have sex? or that we have sex every-time we make-out because that's what it leads to? I've never had these thoughts before, and it is my tendency to pick apart tiny details and over-react about them. So I'd just like to know if my thoughts are valid?

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My boyfriend and I used to make out all the time before we started having sex in our relationship and it obviously got him aroused. It never led to anything though because it was way too soon for both of us.

When you first started dating did you make out a lot?

When we make out now it always leads to sex...always. Which for the most part I am ok with because sex is awesome. Yep.

But next time you start making out and you feel it might lead to sex (which you say it does every time) then just slow things down.

Tease him, tell him "no...no...not yet" things like that, walk away. It builds it up, you HAVE to have sex with him that day eventually or else he will NOT be happy. And that will start another fight completely.

If it backfires and he gets made because you "Don't want to have sex with him" then tell him you just want to make out for a while. Promise sex later.

In my personal experience it works like a charm.

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