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My horoscope for today was enlightening

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So really, the chances of a horoscope applying to you are slim to none. But when I read it, I burst out laughing. And not the depressing verging on panic leading to crying laughter. Genuine laughter.




Aries, it's a miracle you've lasted in a dead-end relationship as long as you have. But now it's time to reevaluate the situation and move on to greener pastures.




It's a sign! Haha. Still holding onto the feelings but this one made me think for a second why!

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I'm a capricorn and my horoscope for today is..


Taurean's help you to make your life a better place to be. In fact life in general is starting to take on a happier feel than you have remembered in months. An ex that's still on your mind is being remembered through rose coloured glasses and it's time to put life and love into perspective.


Well my sisters are taureans and having them home has made my life a better place to be lately. My ex is definitely still being remembered through rose coloured glasses, I keep defending her if anyone says anything remotely bad about her! And Although I'd hardly say my life was happy at the moment (I'm still hurting after the break up and my dad's in hospital) I guess I do feel in a more upbeat mood and more able to handle things..


I'm sure if I thought long enough I could probably relate any of the horoscopes for the other signs to my life but this instantly felt like it was decribing my life today. It's weird!

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I try to apply horoscopes to my life but they're pretty general. This time though, it was like mine was speaking to me! My mom laughed and told me to cut it out so I put it in my journal.


My birthday is on the cusp so I can be either an Aries or a Taurus. I can help too! Sometimes...haha

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