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Shes screwing up her life and making me mad at the same time

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Well for any of those who have followed my lil drama things have well looked up for me lately part from one thing. She is not learning from her mistakes... but rather making more. She is so engulf by the things her boss says that it is messing her up personally. He keeps brainwashing her to do this to do that... and she just does it... When we were seeing each other we couldn't go through a conversation w/o hearing his name mentioned once , twice... multiple times... its all very sickening to me. But this latest thing of her getting drunk at her christmas party and staying at his place.. has me well very upset because up until that point I was willing to wait and see how things worked out between us... but after hearing that... I frankly don't care anymore what happens to her...

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I hear you. I've been a frequent "watcher" of this website, but have never really posted many times. Unfortunately, I'm going through a similar situation...with my ex-fiance...she keeps making the same mistakes over and over again. Despite her breaking the engagement, I stuck with her throughout the past year, asking for no more lies. However, she continued to lie to her friends, family and me. I am convinced this all leads back to upbringing, wanted to please her parents, always afraid of disappointment, etc. Anyway, my point being, people have to WANT to change. It's their life, and you have yours. You can only control yours, and what people are part of it (and what they represent). Perhaps this boss represents something missing from her upbringing? Control and guidence,...who knows. And, it doesn't really matter. You have the point exactly-- control what you can. Your life. Just make sure she doesn't keep controlling yours like her boss is controlling her. Free yourself. I'm not free yet, but each day gets a bit easier.

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Well if you dont care then blow her out and move on, get a girl who isnt a push over and dosent get drunk and sleep at her bosses house!


She sounds like she got troubles, but hey if you dont care enough for her to stick with her through them then drop it.


Be true to yourself buddy, she sure dont sound like the kinda girl id wanna be with and the same is probebrly true of most guys, including you by the sound of it.


Paint a picture of who you really want and go find em!

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he probaly got her drunk and had his way with her man. if she isnt smart enough to come home when she is drunk and stays over another mans house then you need to broom her ass. get rid of her if she doesnt treat you like you otta be treated then get rid of her. alcohol makes people do stupid things but its not a good enough excuse to stay over your bosses house on xmas & he is a guy......i dont think so. just get a woman that will respect you for who you are and wont stay over some other guys house. i know if my girlfriend stayed over a guys house i would never speak to her again unless it was one of her family members.

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