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Was it technically a break up?


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I asked this girl to be my girlfriend 2 weeks ago. Everything was going great, we were talking and texting a ton for the first week. I hung out with her the next weekend and still things went well, and i was pretty happy. The next week she just seemed very distant. I knew something wasn't right, and since we can only hang out on weekend (due to time). The next weekend she told me what was wrong.


She said that her the relationship with her ex was still bothering her. She said she didn't want it to bother her anymore but it was. She also said it could have been from starting a new relationship that brought back all of these feelings. (Her break up with her boyfriend of a little less than 2 years was 7 months ago she said, and i also went through a break-up with my ex of 2 and half years about 7 months ago.) Anywho, she was pretty upset and she was afraid i would be mad at her. I told her "I understand i went through the same thing". She also mentioned that he sent her a text saying "We should talk". That kind of shook her up a bit too.


Im left a little shaken from the whole thing. I don't exactly know where we stand right now. I told her i was all for, just taking it slow. Hopefully that will help her get through whatever feelings about the old relationship she had.


The next day is a little interesting too. We went out for breakfast and we had a pretty good time. She was back to being her old self with the flirting and how she acted. I thought that was a good sign, and at the end of breakfast she had to leave so i gave her a hug, and she followed the hug with a kiss.


Im just a little confused with exactly is going on. I know she needs to get over this guy but i don't want to wait around like this forever. And i really don't know where we stand right now.

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