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i think after some time!


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Me and my ex have been broken up for 2 weeks, she told me she fell out of love with me and she found someone else that was the reason for the break up. anyways i talked to her 3 days ago and she was snappin on me saying that she found out that i messed around on her with my best friends neighbor which wasnt true, so she actually never found someone else just said it. I wrote her an email telling her the truth that my friends neighbor just drove me home thats it. Anyways were starting to get along a lot more. But im working on myself in case we get back together, im going to keep her this time.. I changing everything about me that she disliked. But im still going to have to give it time, cause i dont see her beleiving me about the hole neighbor thing because of my past. What does everyone think about my situation any pointer tips

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