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Now I am LIVID!!

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Following the last post about my awful flatmate ( ) I received an e-mail from the landlady saying that she claims I am the cause of her ill health and that her mother has to come and stay the weekend to look after her. SHE JUSTS SPENT THE ENTIRE DAY CLEANING THE HOUSE FROM TOP TO BOTTOM. Most likely because her mother is coming. Is this how someone who is 'gravely ill' would act? I am being asked to move as soon as possible for her and my own good, which I want to do this very weekend.


I have reasons to believe she is being extremely manipulative and turning everyone against me. I want to tell the landlady all the things she has been saying behind her back. For example, she said that the landlady had issues with the cleanliness and constantly *****ed about her - well it turns out SHE was the one who told the landlady about the state of the flat and prompted her to write us all an e-mail about it - not ONE WORD from her about how it bothered her. WHen I confronted her about this she claims she has 'told' us time and again about it by 'looking angry' or acting upset. She has constantly complained about the landlady for this or that to all of us, and yet it turns out it was all HER. The landlady now defends her 'illness', and I know she doesn't know what she has said about her.


I want to have my named cleared, it is being dragged through the mud by a manipulative ***** who is going to get away with it scott free. What should I do??

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Hi lillie,


Oh yes, I have SO learned my lesson - I'm glad it's happened now and not last year otherwise I would have socked her. Thank god for self control. I am so tempted to go to the landlady and tell her everything - I'm looking to leave this weekend but I'll make sure that's definitely what's going to happen. Or maybe I should tell her after. I swear I'm so angry I can't even eat, my head is just screaming for BLOOD


ahem, sorry for the aggression, just very very angry right now ](*,)

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Seriously, get out. I was in a very bad roommate situation earlier this year, but I could not get out of my lease. So what did I do? I kept paying, but moved in with my boyfriend. It makes me mad every time I think about it, but anything is better than living with a bunch of evil, hellish people. Just be thankful she's letting you out of your lease and not keeping you trapped there, like I am in my lease.

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Hi guys, thanks for the replies,


Yes I really do have to dodge this nasty bullet, and I'm luck I can get out. It's just extremely inconvenient as the new term starts on Monday, I have a really important interview on Monday too, and a million things to do even before then. I can't even think straight right now.


Rant over, thank you so much for the support, no more of my breath shall be wasted with the swine I live among

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