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What’s the best way to deal with this situation????


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Iv been broken up with my ex for around 3 months now, before this break up we broke for about 5 weeks and she kept contacting me until eventually we got back together so the last time we broke I told her not to contact me at all and to stay as far away from me as possible and let me get on with my life and she did.. we have not spoke one word to each other since we broke up..


since the break I been rebuilding a new life, I changed jobs, stated dating, move into a new house with a few friends and just basically got on with it.. But hears the problem… one of the people that live in the house with me is going out with a friend off my ex.. the friend of my ex basically lives there as well, I was aware of this before moving in but though my ex would know I lived there and would stay away.. so about two weeks ago me and a few friends were in the pool room playing pool and having a few drink before goin out on the town and I went up stairs to get dressed, when I came down my ex was standing in my kitchen with my house mate and his girlfriend, needless to say I was slightly taken back but I think I handled it as well as possible, I just said hello and then went on through to the pool room.. then about two days ago she landed to the house to pick her friend up to go shopping im guessing fully aware that I would be there…


I just don’t want her near me, iv worked to hard rebuilding myself and my life to let her play about and try and mess with it again… if I had never had seen or spoke to her again it would have been to soon but now it seems that I am going to have to put up with her dropping in and out every once in a while… I just need a little advice on the best way of dealing with this please, its starting to annoy me!!! Thank you for reading, I look forward to your advice…

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Tell your friend you aren't comfortable with her being there and see how he responds.


He asked me if I was comfortable with it and I told him I wasn’t.. but it would not be fare for me to ask him to keep her away plus that would just give her the satisfaction off getting a reaction out of me which she has tried and failed to do on mean occasion since we have broken up…

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