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I might as well do it


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I figured I would start writing in this thing every single day--exclusively on how I feel. Lately, my mood has been like a rollercoaster ride. One day, I'm relaxed and enjoying life, while the next, I can be completely frantic and have anxiety all day long. ???


I just want to see if it's a pattern? I have noticed that while I'm content during the weekend, I get very frustrated easily during the week. It's like my mindset changes from weekend mode to week mode. Maybe this is completely normal and my mood is all in my head? hehe. That wouldn't be the first time I tried to squeeze a dollar from an orange. (lol)


So any who, I'm going to start writing in my journal AT LEAST once a day. I'll try to write in here through out the day.



April 22, 2008 9:51 am


I just got into work not too long ago. I am feeling a little anxious because I have a lot of work sitting around me. I somehow forgot to mail one of our employees checks and I forgot to drop off the bank check on Friday. Eww.. think it's only normally to FEEL anxious right now, because everything I have to do.


Not only do I have a TON of stuff going on at work, but I also have a test tonight at 6 pm and I have NOT even studied yet!! I'm pulling my hair out. Maybe that's my problem? I wait til the last minute to do EVERYTHING and when it's time for me to get to it, it's like OVERLOAD...and my brain can't process it all??


So, I'm FEELING pretty uptight right now. I have lots of stuff on my mind--and lots of stuff NEEDS to get done today. Plus, my boss is probably coming in today and she'll probably have me filing her papers, which she has a whole stack of them on her filing cabinet. EWW...Not looking forward to it, because I have to study!!...(totally NOT her fault though)


That's pretty much it for now. I'll be back later and hopefully I can say differently or type out (I got all this stuff done...hehe)...

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Well, well, well, not feeling so bad afterall. I called my supervisor at home to let her now I landed a site sponsor for a local race that's going on in my city, and she asked me if I could pick her up from her house. I guess she let her friend borrow her car and now she needs a ride to and from work this whole week. I don't mind doing it. She's a great person She would do the same for me if I needed the help. In fact, she helps me with so much as it is. So, I'm going to pick her up at around noon. She doesn't live that far from work.


I'm just feeling a lot better, because I know that once I drop her off back at home I will have the whole office to myself and will be able to study. WooO wHooO!

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