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confused by situation w/ girl i've known for short time.


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Been seeing a girl for a couple weeks now and don’t know what to think. We recently went out on a date where I took her to a nice restraint and have made it clear that I like her/am interested in seeing her. We’ve kissed before (see my previous post). This Friday night she came over at around 2am to see me (after I requested she come over). We were both pretty drunk and of course ended up in my bed. She was lying there, I know and staring at the ceiling next to me. She was waiting for ME to make a move. She was claiming earlier in the week via txt message that ‘I’ve never tried to kiss her’ (I’ve seen her maybe 2-3 times before so it’s kind of strange) and that time we met, she was the one who kissed me (very confusing). So, I made a move on her of course while in my bed. We couldn’t do much because she supposedly had surgery down in her private area which is sort of alarming. She won’t tell me what happened…what the surgery was. So I just left it at that. Question 1: Anyone have any idea what this could mean? She mentioned the surgery or procedure to me last week and I didn’t really ask until Friday night and she preferred not to tell me.


We made out for a good 10 mins and my hands wondered. she was really into it. Then I started to kiss her neck and she started to squeeze me and whisper ‘oh my god’. She then told me to keep doing that, so I did. I am pretty sure she orgasimed (not to be disgusting but I could smell her wetness through her jeans) when she did she just shut her eyes and passed out. Just like that. I tried to wake her w/ kissing but she was out..rolled over and passed out. There was no attempt to pleasure me whatsoever (which is fine, but I found strange). Question 2: Can she orgasm from just neck kissing? Was she faking this to get me to stop kissing her? If she was not having fun, she could of left but she spent the night (‘passed out’ .


During the session above we talked a bit. I asked what her intentions were. She said she wasn’t looking for anything serious or long term. She asked me the same. I said I wasn’t either (I lied). I am looking for something serious.


All day today I just had her on my mind..she didn’t attempt to contact me on Sat or Sunday. Started to drive me crazy so I txt her tonight just to say hi. We send a couple messages and said goodnight. I felt better because she responded. I am starting to like this girl and I am not sure why. She’s attractive but she has a very difficult. She does not seem to have a very ‘warm’ personality (but I don’t know her that well yet), very demanding, seems very confident and knows what she wants. She’s just dangerous and a little heartbreaker it seems.


If we continue to see each other like this and she has no intentions to turn this into something serious or attempt to start up a relationship then I’m going to get hurt. If we continue to see each other like this and are always having a great time out, talking, dancing and whatnot in the bedroom. Question 3: Will she start to develop feelings for me other than just ‘lust’?


I’m generally confused because here I am thinking of her but I am thinking that she’s not thinking of me…I get that feeling. I am confused as to how people can be like that…have relations with others, go out on dates, have a good time but have little interest in the person besides bedroom fun..just because they ‘don’t want to get into a relationship’. Don’t feelings generally take over and then you’re stuck doing what you didn’t want in the first place? I am thinking that if we continue to be friends and see eachother she’ll eventually fall for me. But, if imp wrong then I’ll be the one getting hurt. I am considering telling her how I feel and tell her we can’t see each other anymore to spare my feelings. Just generally confused w/ the whole situation and am going to start having trouble dealing with it. I think I am going to let her do the contacting from now of. See what happens.

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We were both pretty drunk and of course ended up in my bed.


Explains why she passed out. I had a drunk girl pass out during sex once (completely out cold!!!)... As for your feelings, telling her probably isn't a bad idea. Just let her know you like her and aren't looking for a casual f*** buddy.


If she isn't looking for a relationship then you may wanna stop seeing her. She could develop feelings for you, but if not then you're gonna end up being crushed.

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