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Hitting on a straight friend

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(This question is for gay males, anyone's input is welcome though)


If you have a male friend who has told you his sexual orientation is straight, would you still come onto him? My bf told me about a situation with a gay friend of his that happened a while back. They had gone out drinking with friends and at the end of the night ended up at his friend's place alone. The friend asked to go down on him and when my bf (not bf at the time, this is before we met) declined, the friend persisted telling him it would feel really good. He declined again and I guess went home. I'm just wondering why the friend would have done this.

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i guess even some straight guys are curious at times...i remember getting drunk with one of my few gay friends and we were both very curious and interested to understand each others sex lives...but for me thats where the curiosity ends...sorry to disappoint but nothing about the male body is really attractive to me..but maybe for him with liquid inhibition killer in his system it made his curiosity get the best of him...btw your bf made a good choice odds are it would have really * * * * ed with the friends life had he done something like this on a drunken whim....one of those comedians said it best...everyones a little gay...when you watch porn dont you want to watch a nice hung package doing the work...see then your a little gay."

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It doesn't sound like a good idea. How would you feel if a woman hit on you, knowing you were gay?


If you do that to your friend--you might insult him. People take their sexual oreintation seriously. I wouldn't risk it.


Thanks for your reply. The question isn't about me though, it's a question about a situation that happened to my bf in the past.

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Eh, I once had a boss that was gay, and we were friends. He would always make comments to me, but I was secure enough in myself and he knew that I was the straightest man on the face of this earth so it didn't bother me. I knew that he was half joking but I am pretty sure he would have done something.


People, no matter their sexual orientation, do this kind of thing all the time. How many situations do you see where men befriend women so they can later make a move on them? Same rule applies here, but probably not as frequently.

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Gay guys tend to make comments to other male friends to see if the other guy is gay without going right out and asking if he is.


This guy was less subtle than others...But my friend recently came outta the closet and now that I recall our childhood he'd always talk about penis in a joking manner. When my friend, him and I used to play truth or dare I remember one time where he dared my friend to jerk off...One time when me and him were playing hide-n-seek he flashed me his erect penis.


I never truthfully thought anything of it until now...He'd always talk about girls and seemed more willing to ask them out than I even was. I figured he was straighter than I was for doing so. Apparently not.

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i think you just need to know where the boundaries are...i like to joke around with my gay friends and they in turn do the same...its especially funny with my gf there lol...but im as straight as they come.


That's true. As I understand, my bf's friend knew he was straight when he came on to him. Which is why I wonder why he went that far.

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