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hey everyone! i'm caitlin and i'm 14 and ya...i guess it's important to state the obvious like that



moving on

sweet emo!!!OK DONEE!


lately...i've been getting these weird feelings for girls..like i would look at one and think "wow, she is so...pretty" and "wow, she is so hot". and this is all really new to me and stuf..i mean i'm for sure into guys ^__^ lol

but now it's different..

i hav this friend and i know she is a lesbian or bi or whatever...but i think she is wanting me..

i don't think i'm really interested in her...but i might be.

we hav been friends since like 6th grade and we r pretty tight (lol). we also usually hang out in groups but not now. we hav gone shopping together and been to plenty of movies. And during that time together..she has been touching me...NOT LIKE THAT!!haha...

like my hair and my face and my hand..i mean it could be juss friendly but none of my other friends do that. BUT she also kissed me during a movie too, and this is when i started to think she liked me..(duh).

i guess i should tell u...

well we were at her house..alone and we had our little lazy sunday thing where we do something together but we did a movie and ya..


she rented this romantic movie..i think it was idc..lol

but barly halfway into the movie she takes my hand and says "i love movies like this". i juss sit there and nod because my head is kinda spining and i dont know what to say or do.

So we hav our hands together the rest of the movie and when it's over she leans over and tells me how she has liked me since we met. and i'm kinda stunned..well i know i already was but now i'm MORE STUNNED

but then she leans over and kisses me on the lips...

did i mislead her? i obviously didn't mean to but i need help...

i think i might like her...i don't know...

but then we started kissing more...making out i guess, but thankfully her older bro came home and we stopped...i didn't say anything to her today about it..even though it was HARD AS HELL

so please...

what should i do?

what should i say?

...how do i feel about her?!?!?!?



pm me if u can ^__^



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You're only fourteen. (: You're probably just experimenting. Don't worry and don't put labels on yourself just yet. You're still really young and have a while to figure out your sexuality. You may be bi or a lesbian but right now, you're hormones are just going crazy.


Do you find yourself wanting to do sexual stuff with another girl?

Or is it just a " Wow, she's hot." sorta thing?

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