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I am so angery at them!!!!!! (long vent)

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My ex and I were together for 7 months and two weeks. We met through our friends at church. A very chrimatic pentecostal church. In most off that time we were together. It was a long distance relationship, He was working away from home and haveing breakdowns being away from friends and family. He would come down every weekend to be home (live at my home acctaully, cause where else could he go) And see me. So around this point I was the one giving him as much support as he needed. Then he fell out off love with me and we broke up. That hurt, big time. But where were my friends?


Now I thought my friends at church would support me through a breakup that really did hurt me. I was in love I gave it everything and I got hurt. After me and my bf broke up. He had just come back from bathurst to sydney for good. And I was so hurt from loseing him. I needed my friends around me. And all those church people could say to my face was. "I miss " " is so great" "I wanna see this weekend" "Yea I got nothing to do this weekend I will go hung out with "


Okay saying to my face that you would rather hung out with him than me when I needed friends around me, Is pretty horrid thing to do. BTW telling me how great my ex is, wont help me get over him. Sure in the end it's really you that has to get over the ex. But Dammit! you need your friends to.



It's okay to remain friends with him but they pretty much all took his side. I don't see why they stood up for him to. There are two sides after all, right? And kept shoving it in my face what I had lost by saying to me "I miss " " is so great" And may I remind them I was the one who supported him through bathurst and now that we were broken up I needed my friends to support me but NO! they go on his side. And leave me alone to cry myself to sleep every night


The best advice these people could give was "just get over him




yeah call me when that acctaully happens the way they said it!!! Yeah *rolls eyes* you get over people but in time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why is that so hard to understand!???? gee "Just" getting over someone is harder than it sounds. But easy to say if you have never expereienced life outside the church. ](*,)


Another piece off advice they all gave me was "Give all your hurt to god "


I tried that it did not work. And all they can do was acuse me of not trying hard enough, not being right with god, and pretty much leaveing me all alone more so at this point.


But like god gives mircals to people just like that!!!! ](*,)


And yeah btw may I remind these people, That friends supporting friends is much much more believeable than those friends leaveing that friends to suffer and then wait for a mirical while they hung out with the ex, Without even realiseing they inflict more pain.


I just am sick off them going around saying how they hate homosexauls when they only base that hate off the bible. While at the same time for the same reason they hate science, and any other religion. And then turn around and say what a loving church they are.


I am so glad I have left this church. And am attending another

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