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Ok, a break up is really difficult.. i know because im going through one.


I have made a special friend from enotalone who has been helping me alot.


But i also have had a lot of help from some "hypnosis" which helps deal with a break up.. It just makes getting over your ex that bit easier.


I sent this hypnosis to my friend who thinks its helped, i also feel like its helped.


Now as a nice person if you want a copy of this (FREE), just pm me but you will have to have msn messenger.


I am not charging for this (i did origionally pay for it) so thereforeee dont believe i can get introuble for giving it away?


If you know better please correct me as i dont want to do nothing illegal, i just want to help everyone feeling bad at the minute.

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Well if you really want an honest opinion, then I suspect if you originally paid for it, it's protected by copyright and some licence agreement that prevents unauthorised distribution. That's just supposition on my side, though; you'd have to look and see if there is a licence agreement and/or copyright mark anywhere to be seen with it, or at wherever you got it from. If not, it's probably fair game. To be honest, I'm not wild about protecting the financial wellbeing of anyone selling hypnosis to desperate individuals after a breakup anyway, but that's just my personal opinion and should not be taken as an instruction to continue!

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