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Should the guy always initiate?


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Hey everyone at ENA,


I was just wondering (as I do), is it 'normal' for the guy to initiate contact, over distance or just in general?


As the guy, for the majority I find my self initiating the calls, texts and conversations. I don't do this being desperate or needy.


Just wanted to hear your thoughts, and as little judgment as possible



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Thanks everyone, that kind of confirmed what I thought.

Part of the reason I ask is; I have known this girl for a fairly long time now, it is very rare for her to contact me first. But that could be because we live so far and we both have our own separate lives. So if one calls or texts the other its for a reason (if that makes sense

I want to see if she wants to meet up, but it has to be something special, and it can't be spare of the moment.


(just venting a little there, any opinions?)

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