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Am I reading too much into this?

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Okay, so I've known this guy for about 2 years or so...I dated one of his "friends", S...Although I really wouldn't call them friends at all. Anyway, when I broke up with S, I tried to pursue this guy for probably about 4-5 months, and thought I might be getting somewhere. I kept asking him whether or not he liked me as more than a friend. One day, I asked him for the last time whether or not he wanted to be with me, and he responded by telling me that I was a cool person, but that he didn't like me as more than a friend. At the time, I was relieved that he had finally responded to my efforts, and accepted what he said as truth...


Soon after, I got back with S, and found out (through a mutual friend) that this guy I was after only said he didn't want anything more than friendship because he knew that S still liked me...He was nervous about a confrotation with S. This completely caught me off guard, but intrigued me to find out what the truth was. I realized that I really liked this guy, and thereforeeee had to give it my all to find out what was there. So, I broke up with S forever, and my hanging out with the guy I pursued is becoming more and more frequent. He is very shy and tends to wait for others to make their moves, but he has asked me over quite a few times in a "suggestive" manner. One night, he and I slept in the same bed, and held each other close. He had his arm around me, and continuously pulled me closer throughout the night. Another night, he specifically stated that no one was home, he was lonely, and he needed company. Recently, every time I've asked him if he wanted to hang out, he has said yes, but nothing has happened between us. I have invited him to drink with me sometime soon, so we can possibly get everything out in the open, with no inhibitions I often wonder if he is just waiting for the right time to do anything, or if he doesn't want to be with me at all...I'm so confused!


Am I reading too much into this, or could there be something there?


Short of just checking the box yes or no, what do you think?

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Coming from a shy guy I have to say he likes you but he douse not know what to do. Just take it slow with him. But if you want to know what is on him mind then get him drunk he will speek his mind at least I know I do. Well I hope that this helps.

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