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HELP! I need advice!

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I have this huge fear of losing my boyfriend's strong feelings for me. I know at the beginning of this relationship, he would put in so much effort to be with me and really cared about not hurting me, but of course that was the beginning. For the past month or so, we've had more fights than usual over little things, however, at one point we were just arguing too much i wanted to take a break. The slightest disappointment to me, and I would freak out. He felt that everytime he tried to do something like call or go see me, I would raise my expectations even higher and expect it all the time. Which I did, because I go out of my way to hear his voice or be with him. I felt that if i did it and put in as much effort, he should put in just as much. But I have been getting disappointed and made big deals outta things, that I think he's just use to me being disappointed now and feels like nothing he does will make me happy enough. He took the break as I didn't want to be with him, but i took it as I just want to stop fighting, however i still wanted to be with him. He said he's been having alot on his mind lately, for example, he wants to make the soccer team and he quit the drill team for it even tho he isn't sure he's making the soccer team yet since try outs aren't til a week or so from now. However i have confidence he will since he's been playing for 10 years. I want to be understanding about his stress about soccer but at the same time I miss him and want to be with him. The other day he was running around the track and i walked all the way over to see him, and he blew me off, i found out later he was timing himself on the mile and couldn't stop. I know if it were me, no matter what, i would've at least yelled I love you or even Hi. Today, he said "love you" in the morning but in the afternoon he didn't even tho he always does, i was the first one to say it. I am usually the first one to say I miss u lately and love you. I don't know whether to just be more understanding about his stress, or think that he is losing some interest in me.

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First thing welcom to enotalone from everyone. Next take a deep breath. Do you feel alittle bit better? If not take a deep breath. Ok now it looks like he has alot of stress about making the team and that is where his mind is on right now. Ok sit him down and talk to him tell him how you feel. I think he is confused on why you are mad at him. Like I sead talk to him dont yell at him that will get you no where. Well I hope that this helps.

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