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Need advice for tomorrow please!

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Hey all, thanks for taking the time to stop by. I have a bit of a situation I need help with by tomorrow. You all may be familiar with this girl at my school that I asked out about a month ago. It was kinda quick (thanks to her cousin forcing me) and pretty forward. She was kinda surprised about it, and later blocked me online, my friend and I think she is getting over it because she is starting to act funny and look at me again in the halls or at lunch, and we think she has gotten over it, but forgot she blocked me. We haven't talked since I asked her to that thing, because I was just trying to give her time to process it, and calm down a bit being very shy. Well, I am helping out with the play at my high school, and I am part of the stage crew, my friend, is head of the refreshments committee and the girl I like (she knows I like her too) is on it. My friend is going to make me help her tomorrow, kinda like pairing us up, and keep the other 3 people on it away for a while, so I can get some time to hopefully talk to her, and get things back on track. The thing is, it is akward around her not having talked to her for a while, and before I asked her out, it was getting much easier to talk to her, now I am a bit nervous around her, but way not as much as before. With it being just the 2 of us, I would like some ideas on what we can talk about, or what I can say to her, or something, to get a conversation going. I like her soooooo much and just want to get talking again and be her friend, and hopefully have her unblock me sometime (if she remembers, lol) and just get her attitude changed (like getting more comfortable around me again, she is very shy). She is the nicest girl I have ever met, she is so friendly, and so she shouldn't be angry or anything, just a little uneasy, please help anyone!

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hmm a conversation to again make her feel MORE comfortable around you....well you could start with...well the environment your in, that being the play...


start with this


"omg this play was such an enjoyable experience and some hard work, But being stage crew was so much fun"


"How about yourself, you selling anything like hot cakes?"





You can apologize to her for being so forward at first, but that could lead to her thinking about it again..and that wouldn't be a good thing, so you might want to avoid that, than again i can't say...it's no clear if she will even accept your friends offer to again "pair you 2 up" she might catch on and take it offensively..


Being straight forward


Maybe you should just do it yourself, go up to the refreshment stands and say


"I'll have some of that over powering smell of pop-corn, you make it yourself" *talking to her of course*


take a handfuls of the popcorn, and say


"OMG this is so good, i didn't know you knew how to make such good pop-corn" and SPILL it all over yourself, like your trying to eat it all at one time, i bet she will laugh...see your breaking the ice again, laughing is the KEY, if you can make her laugh your in...Good luck, just think of some non-offensive jokes to throw out...make sure they are funny first, consult a friend for advice.

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um, lol, ok, let's calm down a bit.....ok....I am not going to do the popcorn thing b/c nuber one, she might think I'm a bit odd, and we don't have like a refreshment stand. We just set up tables for cookies and fill up cups with lemonade and coffee. And my friend is trying to pair us up again, but just to get us to talk a little, she explained to the committee that she wanted to get a guy to help out w/ carrying the heavy stuff, and I am absolutely the only guy on the stage crew, and everything, and the cast memebers really can't do it, because of the performance, so that is her excuse, just someone to help out and lift the heavy stuff, and also I have a few friends on it, so I have them to talk to also, so just some more advice would be helpful from anyone

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