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Problem with sensitivity


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My girlfriend and I recently started getting into oral sex and everything... Unfortunately, as was the case with my other girlfriends, I've been having a problem where my penis and the region around it becomes extremely sensitive, or I simply lose my erection while she's trying to go at it. She doesn't do a bad job, I feel it pretty good while it's going, but for some reason it will randomly start to tickle me so much that I can't stand it. When I get hand jobs its completely different, and because of this odd phenomenon that's pretty much what I've had to stick to. Anyone have any idea what this is due to? Or how I can go about fixing it? Thanks

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Wow, the case of the ticklish putty.


I have never experienced this, sometimes after ejaculation i become very sensitive, but not ticklish.


I assume your used to feeling more pressure (masturbation, hand jobs) so when you feel something more subtle and soft like the inside of, well you know.


You feel ticklish. one position I have found to be very stimulating is, you on top her on bottom, her legs closed, yours spread, yep thats right legs opposite missionary style.


This position will squeeze around you much more, making it "more tighter" and hopefully for you, less ticklish. try it out.


good luck.


Oh one more thing, there are some creams out to de-sensitize your member, i never use that, there is already something else that does the same job, its called a condom lol.


If this is about her giving you oral sex, well thats a different story all together. all you can do is ask her to use more "vacume" (see how I snuck around the word "chupar" hehe) and also to grab you by the base and do a kind of hand job/oral at the same time. that should help a lot, plus it feels great.

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Can you please clarify whether the difficulty is when you're having oral sex from her, or when you're having regular sex.


If it's oral, yes it can be a very odd sensation, and it can at times be very difficult to go all the way due to the intense sensations. Some parts are too sensitive, and tend not to get quite as direct a contact with other forms of stimulation. Have her try using her hand at the same time. If she's using her tongue a lot, have her cut down on that a bit too. An up and down movement might be better than a side to side movelment or circular movement as well.


If it's regular sex, then Gilgamesh has a point.

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Sex is fun -- when you are ready for it. If it seems uncomfortable to you, you need to be honest with the person and tell them or show them how they can better stimulate you. Don't be embarrassed to tell her that you aren't comfortable with what she is doing and you'd prefer something else.


Remember when you are young, you are inexperienced and so is she, don't make her do all the work and you just sit there like the king on his thrown and laugh your head off at the girl, put some more effort into the situation, or don't do that, kiss or cuddle or -- do your homework.

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