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Hi i been with my g/.f for four months. The situation is that this is a long distance relationship and on december 16 iam going to fly over to ohio to see her. When we talk on the phone she tells me she loves me a lot and her best friend amber always like to know what we're talking about anbd to me it reallt bothers me but ther isn't much i can do about it. Her brother just move in and her brother is 18 and my g/f is 16. Iam just mainly worry if the way she talks to me nd feels about me will change when i come to see her in person since she told me that she doesn't care how i look and that she just mainly cares for my personality and she told me no to leave since all of her past b/f have cheated on her. Btw we met online. And that her brother is moved in already her brother has a friend name josh who is 17. I can' help being jealous and that fact that i care for her so much and everything. I am just worry that when i come over ther she won't have the same feeling about me she had.I don't know what to do anymore any advise would be great.

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hi linkin park

my advice might not matter to you but i'll try to help anyway.

if she really does care about you and you really care about her then there is nothing to worry about. if she tells her best friend about you it is a good sign. it means that she wants people to know about you. and don't be jelous girls hate it when guys are jelous.

but if her opinion does change when you get there then you should just forget about her. if she is only interested in whats on the inside she'll still like you

hope i helped



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I think that you're going to have to go out and visit her. The fact that you two are talking over the phone and communicating a lot is a great sign. If things do go bad when you go to visit, then you'll know that it wasn't meant to work out. I know this is much easier said than done, but you will meet somebody else. Soon, I'm going to be in your position, after Christmas break, my boyfriend is staying at home, and I'm coming back to school. He's going to study abroad in Japan, and he'll be home until the end of March, and doesn't get home until the beginning of August. You guys just have to promise to be honest with each other, even if you think it's going to hurt the other person. It won't hurt as badly as if the other hears it right away than if they find out down the road. I really hope everything works out for you!! Smile!

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