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is this dumb?

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is this dumb? the guy who dumped me several weeks ago, after i was away for two weeks and my friend passed away -- in other words, he has not hung out with me to remind him of how great it was -- finally called me, after some nasty words. he is still seeing four other girls,although he didn't tell me that in our conversation. we just kept it fun and casual. anyway, i have left him a few messages about some things i've been doing -- one was a couple of tv spots that i wanted him to watch and give me feedback. i also called and left a song on his machine from a concert i was at that i had done the exact same thing when i was first seeing him. i also mentioned i had a date tonight and would tell him how it went. my idea is that i will"disappear" soon and hopefully he will wonder where i've gone and miss me.


as an aside, i did go on a date tonight. the guy was very good looking but we didn't click. it made me wonder how he can go out with four different girls and not me, when we clicked immediatley and got along so well. i was actually bored on my date, even though i was chatty.


i want to get this guy back, but it seems a lost cause. i don't even think he's attracted to me anymore. is that possible, to not be attracted to someone when you were just three weeks ago?

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Your post sounds like the script of a new reality TV show, "Date Wars"

who can out date and impress their competition.


Why you like this guy so much? i guess its because he has all these dates, and didnt call you back, the guy all the girls want, you had him, and he got away.


This guy is a player plain and simple, you were just one of his many conquests, a little notch on the headboard. why do women flock to guys like this, do they really think they possess something so powerful that they will convert this man into a commited loving partner, yeah right.


You make it look like a game really, telling him you are going on a date, "hurry catchme before its too late" im a girl in demand! its like your selling yourself.


All I can say, that this guy must be the hottest hunk to walk down the pike for you to see past all his faults.



dont wanna sound like im on your case here, if your just looking for fun and no commitment, fine, a guy like this thats gone in the morning. is perfect for you, and if he is too busy with his long list of babes then im sure you can find another like him, there are plenty players around.


If your looking for a guy to stick with you, stop chasing players.

in your field im sure you meet lots of fine men, keep dating until you find one that make you click.


good luck, happy hunting

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actually the reason i liked him is we had everything in common, from music to sports to food to movies. when we met, we clicked immediately and hung out all the time, just got along really well. that's why i was shocked that he didn't want to see me anymore, just because i hadn't been around for a ocuple of weeks. i want to go out with him, alone, one evening just so he can remember.

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