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First Time To Call---need advice!


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Heres the deal, just looking for advice on what to do next.


Well, this past Saturday, I met a girl out at the club.

While we were dancing, we were talking. Nothing serious, just the basics, whats your name, what do you do chatter.


Well at the end of the song, she grabbed me, and told me her number. I did not ask for it, she turned around and was like ***-***-****, I jotted it down in my cell phone, and decided to wait and call tonight (Tuesday).


Well, about 30 minutes ago, I called. But she did not answer. I left a message, saying who I was.


I know, before I go nuts about it, who knows .. she could be out with her friends, ect.


But before I make the mistake of calling again later this week. What do I do if she does not call back, tonight, tomorrow, or ever.



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Relax, relax, relax my friend.


She gave you her number without you asking for it. She wants you to call. She could be doing any one of a million things right now.


Don't spend all your energy worrying about what you will do if she doesn't call. Take a deep breath, and go do something other than waiting by the phone. Go out, and have some fun. Call up a buddy. The time will pass before you know it and the phone will be ringing

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First - be patient! Avman is right, she wouldn't have given you her number if she didn't want you to call.


If you don't hear back - give it about 3 days - then you'll just come accross as interested enough to call again, but not desperate. And it allows for the possiblity of having a problem getting her messages on the one day.


If she doesn't pick up, leave a message that sorry she wasn't there to talk, leave your number, and ask her to call when she's free.


If she doesn't call, I'd look elsewhere; two calls is enough to convey your interest in her, and while "not easy to get" is fine, you don't want to play games with someone who tries to be nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get either. If she's interested and not a "player," she'll call back. If she doesn't - your efforts would probably be better directed elsewhere; while you're trying to reach her, you could be dancing with and hooking up with someone else, you know?

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From what it looks like i have to say she is interested...and your in good shape, so stay that way, Avman is right, and so is The Morrigan They really did an excellent job at breaking down the "calling the First time" and your patience will pay off,


Avman made a strong point about "not waiting" he is right, Occupy your time while you wait, play a video game, call a friend, or just browse this site and look for some more helpful hints, I'll provide a VERY interesting article on "Talking to women, and getting her interested in you" what to talk about and NOT what to talk about...it will give her a sense that your confident, and interested as well...



Below is From article "Conversational tips for men on what to say when meeting single women"



Come up with 3 or 4 interesting or exciting things that have happened to you recently. Practice telling these stories on family or friends, or practice in front of a mirror or with a tape recorder.


Read current newspapers and magazines, and be prepared to talk about events that interest you.


Collect a couple of sure-fire, inoffensive jokes.


Become knowledgeable about what's going on in your city. People always want to know more about what's happening locally.


See current movies and read current books. You're bound to find single women who have seen the same movies or read the same books.

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