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My Boyfriend Wants Me to Sit on His Lap....My Concern...


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If he works out it is OK. Skinner guys are not always weak. I like them thin framed and I am about a good buck 60-my guys are maybe a bit more than 120 but it's because they are not that they are really thick skinned either. There groin is not like their leg--it

is a muscle remember-not a bone-so it won't crack that is. If he tells you to go there-girl take it there-he is alright he can handle it!


Good Luck and stop being xtra timid girls ROCK!

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Just to add to the voices, 140 lbs is not heavy, look, it's only about 63kg! That is not heavy at all!


I know he is light, but don't compare it that way.... Look at it scientifically, your strength is to do with your bones and muscles and not your actual weight... and even if he is not muscular, he's not trying to lift you or carry you or anything, he just wants you to sit on his lap, the thickest bones on his body!


He can take it! Easily, I'd say! And he knows he can or he wouldn't be asking you to do it...


I'd just like to add, don't worry if he lets out an initial "oof", it's probably just a reflex action that would be the same if any adult sat on his lap...

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